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Medical Information This useful site belongs to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH is one of the world's foremost biomedical research
centers and the Federal focal point for biomedical research in the U.S. (The NIH annual
budget tops $15 billion.) This site holds links to many other medically helpful sites and includes job listings for those thinking of working for the NIH. Site of the American
Heart Association, which presents a wide range of guidance about lowering your risk of heart disease and links to other sites with medical information. Site of the American Osteopathic Association. Intended to promote better understanding of osteopaths, mainly primary care
physicians who emphasize preventive medicine and receive extra training in the
musculoskeletal system. Site of the American Medical Association, a highly influential, national group of MDs; here you can log on to the Journal of the American Medical Association and other peer-reviewed publications. Home page linking to
information about chiropractors. Chiropractors use the body's recuperative powers for healing primarily through spinal manipulation and nutrition. Home to the Arthritis Foundation, which publicizes data on arthritis and advocates research into its treatment.

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Educational Sites The site of Bastyr University;
founded in 1978 to train naturopathic physicians with a scientific approach. Incorporates degree programs in nutrition, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, applied behavioral science and psychology. Site of Clayton College of Natural
Health, which offers distance learning in Natural Health and Naturopathy.

Aerobic Surfing Set up by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Includes links to other government
agencies, medical journals, health media online, specialized topics for teens, kids,adults, etc; also has links to Spanish language sites, food safety info and medical dictionaries. Put together by the Committee
on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), Greater Midwest Region of the National Network
Libraries of Medicine, and the Galter Health Sciences Library, with links to many
different non commercial health sites. Affiliated with MEDLINE and the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine, the world's largest
collection of medical information. Contains more than 9 million references to medical journals. Includes links to information about HIV/AIDS, environmental health, and telemedicine video demos. A multi-media oncology
(cancer) site affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania; includes multimedia sources,
information for people with cancer and their families (frequently asked questions) and educational material for health care workers. Also presents tips on cancer prevention with links to hospital web sites. by the University of
Pittsburgh Medical Center with information about stroke treatment and surgery. A "virtual hospital" created by
the University of Iowa College of Medicine to make detailed medical information available to web surfers; contains hundreds of books and brochures for health care providers and patients. An information and news
service for patients, parents of patients, purchasers of group health care programs and
the news media; maintained by allergists, medical specialists who treat allergies and asthma and the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Site of the Harvard School of Public Health. Contains links to information about cancer prevention (and the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention) plus current health news, admissions forms, a
selection of search engines and info on other health issues.
: For web surfers with time to do some deep web diving and an
interest in the ins and outs of health and medical research, this site has links to sites around the world, including The Annals of Saudi Medicine (written in English) and online journals from Asia and Africa. Plus, here you'll find connections to medical
reference books, U.N. sites and more. Enough to keep you busy for a long time. Site of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, with information about medical libraries across the US.

Healthy Parts Site of The Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, dedicated to the complementary treatment of urinary tract disorders including cancer, infections and other conditions.
Heart, Lung, and Blood

Institute (NHLBI), a part of the Federal Government's National Institutes of

Health; contains information, research and educational activities. page of
the University of

Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Research (UT-CAM). Site of the National Institutes on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, with links to publications on alcoholism and its treatment. Home page of the American Pain
Society; with information on dealing with chronic pain.
- Over 100,000 Diverse Websites & Internal Links Family, Health, Business, Sports, News & More.

Reading Times Home of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which details studies on obesity, nutrition and disease, energy
metabolism, and vitamins and minerals. Site of the British Medical Journal, well-respected, peer reviewed journal of health- related research. Online version
of the Journal of The American Dietetic Association, the official research
publication of The American Dietetic Association, articles focus on nutrition. Home of the New England Journal of Medicine, a conservative publication put out by the Massachusetts Medical Society; often takes an antagonistic stand against complementary medicine.

Analyze This
: Want to analyze your meals for their nutritional content? This site allows you to easily break down your food by protein, carbs, fats and other nutrients to calculate its content. Site of the online version of
the Journal of Nutrition, published by the American Society of Nutritional Sciences.

Botanicals and More Dr. Duke
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases, compiled mostly by Jim Duke and Stephen Beckstrom Sternberg, includes a link to the Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary.

Site of the National Institutes of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements; with a link to the International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements (IBIDS) database. Includes references to more than 250,000 articles from more than 3,000 journals, enough data to keep even the most obsessive health info maven busy for years. Home page of the Olfactory
Research Fund (funds research on the sense of smell and the human response to odors). The Tufts University Nutrition Navigator, an online rating and review guide that offers its opinion on the reliability of internet health sites; can be used to search for various
nutrition topics.

Going Somewhere? Run by the Centers for
Disease Control in Atlanta, this site offers health information about travel destinations all over the globe; recommends various vaccinations for travel to areas susceptible to
specific tropical diseases. Site of Vegan
Outreach, an international organization dedicated to furthering vegetarian living and an
improved environment.
While this website includes journals outside the health domain, the news sites listed here offer much of the latest research news making headlines across the country. Home page of the American
Botanical Council (ABC), a nonprofit organization educating the public about beneficial herbs and plants and promoting the safe and effective use of medicinal plants.