Hello Folks!
I just wanted to say a great big “Thank You” for this wonderful EMS product! What a joy to be pain free – and the unit is so compact and easy to use it is a no-brainer!
This is a huge difference from the large machine I bought several years ago for nearly $1000 dollars – i had to be right by the machine to use it – and it is no where near as flexible in the various programs as your wonderful hand held EMS unit is!
I am no longer taking pain medication for my knee and I am able to sleep all night long now! That alone is worth any amount of money to me! Thank you again – I am so fortunate to have “stumbled” on your booth in NYC – Wow – talk about serendipity – and I am so grateful you were there!
Carole O’Brien in New Jersey

Hello Brandon,
I wanted to drop you a line to say what a great device the EMS unit is. My wrist was hurting very badly while I was at the SEMA show. After using both the pads and roller, the pain subsided. This injury was from a broken wrist several years ago. It aches because of weather and too much activity in my restoration business. When it starts to ache I put the gel on and use the roller to pinpoint the source of the pain and in a few minutes it is gone. I actually bought the device because you said it was good for diabetics, to stimulate blood flow. My wife is a diabetic and she walked so much the first day of the SEMA show that she was almost crying with leg cramps. I put the butterfly patches on her calves and cranked it up to 12 and and after about 20 minutes she made me switch to her feet as the cramps and pain were gone in her calves. You saved my SEMA experience because if MaMa isn't happy, nobody is going to be happy.Thank you,
Muscle Car Garage
Carrollton, TX 75007

Hi Brandon,
We enjoyed meeting you and your team at the Ironman Triathlon in Kona last week. We purchased the EMS unit and haven't let it rest since.
Everyone in the family has had a use for it. Dads' sore tennis shoulder. Moms' tension headaches. Jennifers head cold. I was hit by a car on a training ride one year ago and my knees and back have been a constant reminder. Your product has given us all relief to our injuries and aches. Its use has been particularly convieniant in that sitting and watching our favorite tv show or kicking back with a good book are great times to get some e-stem.
As a pilot, I'm taking it on my next trip and take advantage of my
layover time for some needed therapy.
Thanks again,
Len San Diego CA

Hi Andrea
I bought your unit at the Ironman Expo in Hawaii. I love it!
Kim, Macomb, Mich.

What a relief! I have been through hell and back with my right wrist. I'm quite accident prone and I get all sorts of bumps and bruises on a regular basis. To this day, I'm unsure how I injured my wrist or even when it occurred. All I know, when the pain refused to ebb, I realized that it was time to see a doctor which isn't ever a good thing for someone who has no insurance. I was diagnosed with a sprained wrist, wrapped up in a splint and given prescriptions to take and directions to follow. After I did my time in my splint, I took in off and was instantly rewarded with the same sharp pain that caused me to see a doctor in the first place. Now I was starting to worry, so after a few days and the pain still hadn't stopped, it was time for a hospital visit. By then, the pain was unbearable and I had almost no use of my wrist, which is unacceptable for my profession and for everyday living. I had even more x-rays taken and was told that I had a small fracture on one of the many bones that are in your wrists. I was given even more prescriptions and yet more directions and sent home in a half cast. I was also referred to a hand specialist to see after my time in the half cast. After a few more weeks, I took my cast off as directed and I still felt the same if not worse! This was turning out to be a nightmare. I then went to an appointment with the specialist who diagnosed me with tendonitis. He told me to take some anti-inflammatory medication for three weeks and if I still wasn't feeling any better, to return to his office to discuss options that would more than likely include surgery. That was most certainly not an option! I had already spent too much money and spent too many hours out of work! As chance had it, I walked across your booth and the WPPI convention here in Las Vegas. I read on the list of ailments that you help treat that your miracle machine helped with tendonitis. Since nothing else had worked thus far, I didn't really believe that it would help my case. AMAZING! After I sat for the entire nine minute trial, I was in awe! The pain had all but passed and I had immediate strength back in my right hand. I will freely admit that I'm stubborn and wanted to think on it. I truly thought that I would feel exactly what was bothering me in just a little while and I was glad to be proven wrong. I then rushed back to your booth and purchased your product. Not only have I not needed surgery, but I know exactly what to use when I'm feeling too much stress or had a rough day at work. Thank-you so so much!
Joey M-Las Vegas NV

We purchased a unit from you at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November 2008. This not only a wonderful machine, that assists with eliminating
or reducing a variety of pain issues, but it was a bargain! I had been
going to a Physical Therapist for about a year and this machine is equivalent to about 2 sessions with the Therapist. We really want to
thank you!!

Brandon: We purchased the EMS unit at the CA Home Show May,2008. As I had been a TENS unit user, I was skeptical that this unit was better BUT Don, my husband, tried the unit at the show & it helped with the osteo-arthritis pain in his fingers. He is in a country band & is the lead guitar player. He is concerned that the OA pain will cause him to curtail his guitar playing. He has been using the unit & it is slowly decreasing the pain.Well, I just had to try this unit. I used the unit for 30 minutes for the pain/muscles tightness that I have in my neck & shoulders due to a severe car accident. The unit got rid of the pain that night! I was amazed that something could work so quickly. I still go to the chiropracter but this unit will help me stayed "tuned up" longer! It is well worth the investment we made.
Carol in customer service has been a real help to me in setting up the
"P0" position.
Don & Nancy
Rialto, CA

Brandon I met you at the Las Vegas show soooo glad I stopped at your booth. I love my new EMS unit! My foot and knee feel alot better!! Having a hard time sharing it with my family. Thanks Again.

I attended the Rotary International Convention in June 2008 in L.A. where your EMS unit was available in one of the many booths.I am a Registered Nurse and like many in my profession I have had back problems over the years. I had a flair up with nerve root pain in my leg and thought I would book an appointment with physo therapy, but when I realized the value in buying one of your units I quickly purchased one. What a relief for not only me but my husband who developed tendon pain in his foot. He was spectical at first but after a few treatments his foot was greatly improved.
Since arriving back in Canada we have used the EMS unit and my mother has certainly benifited from it as well. she has Parkinson's and finds it great for muscle stiffness.
The great thing about your unit is the portabilty aspect as it is light weight and east to take travelling. I have used it in the car and while flying. Thanks for the relief and comfort.
Grace Gillis R.N. Charlottetown

Just wanted to write to let you know that we bought your electro-stimulator from you at the American truck show in Louisville. I have been living with bad neck pain for the last few years and have bought ever rub on the market and nothing works. I have been using the electro-stimulator now for over three weeks and can't believe how good it makes my neck feel even on the worst day. I will be telling all my friend about this great machine.
Mary Lou, KY

Brandon, When I bought the stimulator I questioned my sanity for spending the money. I guess the ole girl hasn't lost all her marbles . I actually found something that WORKS! I have bought several types of massagers over the years . Most gave little relief form tight muscles. Two A.M.s ago I woke up in the "wee hours" too stiff to move my neck and shoulders. Now what do I do? O.K.try the stimulator what can I loose? Within minutes of going back to bed with it attached to my shoulders I dozed off until the beeper went off. I finished the night with restful sleep. The way I see it each time I use it saves another trip to the chiropractor and $$. It will soon pay for itself. Hey way to go. Edna Silver

I purchased a unit from you on 10/25/08 after spending almost a year with physical therapy and chiropractors after an accident. This portable tens is so convenient to have at home and work. Thanks so much for making it available.
JoAnne, Surprise AZ

My wife and I could be a poster children for PAIN. I am a Farrier (horseshoer) and Nancy has a landscaping yard maintenance business. We have literally been stomped on, stepped on, bit, kicked, knocked down and knocked out. Pain is part of both our occupations. We have tried every lotion, potion, cream, rub, massage, pain killers both prescription and over the counter, (they only dull the pain and brain). You introduced us to EMS, asked me to try it for 3 days.... AFTER the first 30 minutes the first day "We are both PAIN FREE", and remain pain free.I thought pain was something I would have the rest of my life. Its gone!! I had to teach my self to walk again PAIN FREE! You are my
Pain control, mentor, and guru, and I feel like I owe you a 1000 times more than we paid you for the EMS. You have made going to work, "fun again". Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ken and Nancy
Tacoma, Wa.
Please feel free to use this note to tell anyone of the results we had and they can immediately expect for EMS with your guidance.

Many thanks for your tutorial on pain. Three of our employees have used this device and are relieving their pain. It seems to have really helped out Joe who had the rotator cuff surgery , he has been applying this machine about every other day and he tells me he is really receiving some relief. Glad to see you at the truck show in Vegas. You made our time with you enjoyable and enlightening. Many Thanks..
Linda Dever

"I use EMS on patients before adjusting them. They are easy to use and very effective. These portable units are excellent products, everyone should have one."
-Dr. Cynthia Conrad
Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Brandon, we met in Oklahoma City in September. You ask if I would email you after a few days to let you know if my tennis elbow pain had gotten better. You said it would take three days to relieve all the pain which was true but I could tell after the first day it was much better. After three days it was completely gone except for a little tenderness (not Pain) in
or around the elbow, but after a couple more days it was not there anymore. I am now using it on my rotator cuff occasionally to help in that area. Thank you for the ability to relieve pain without drugs, I am allergic to most of the ones they have
prescribed in the past.
Thanks again,
H L Manning

We purchased your electronic muscle stimulator at the Reno Home Show. We are so glad we did. It works as well and easily as shown to us there. So many times these things you buy works so good when you are at the shows, but when you get them home it never seems to be as good as it was shown at the show. Not this one. It has been a wonderful relief of pain for us. Especially when you "over do" on the day's off. We are so glad we invested in your product and look forward to a lot more pain free days. Thank You, Patti
Sun Valley Nv

I was very impressed with the immediate pain relief i got when i tried the machine at the Home show. I used as instructed for 3 days in a row and on the third day i noticed i was walking erect. I am usually curved over and after a 12 hour shift also in pain.I am truly convinced that this little machine really works! Little did i know i would find something better at a home show than upgrades for my home.
yours truly,Donna

"With over 20 years of experience, I have probably done over 150,000 adjustments. Not only do I use this machine on my patients, but on myself as well. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to manage pain without taking drugs. They are also beneficial to increasing circulation and improving muscle tone."
-Dr. Jay Bernstein,
Oceanside, California

hi thought id let you know that Robert was very helpful to us Janet and Gary T. at the show in Reno NV. we like our new pain killer machine. so far its working well! Robert was very through in his explanation of how it worked. Thank you for a great product!
Reno NV

To whom it may concern:
My introduction to the HealthyBacs EMS machine was witnessing people get pain relief from everything from headaches to foot pain. I first saw it demonstrated at the Kansas City Quilt Show back in May. The response at the show was excellent. People were amazed at how quickly their pain left. I have a longarm quilting business which requires me to spend long hours standing at a machine which puts a lot of stress on my shoulders and lower back. The EMS machine relieves aching muscles and the tightness in my back. My entire family has used the EMS machine for everything from knee pain to carpal tunnel. My grown children are athletes and parents and they've used the machine with great results. I would recommend the HealthyBacs System to just about anyone who has pain.
Very sincerely,
Mary M.
Longarm of Texas

Marilyn and I have been using the electronic massager that we purchased at the Wisconsin State Fair everyday since August 9th. The numbness in my right foot has been reduced and I am beginning to feel improvement in my left foot as well. I'll write back to you in a week or two to let you know what spots I've been applying the pads to on my leg and foot, and which locations work best. It's amazing to watch my foot muscles flex from the electronic impulses.
Pewaukee, WI
Thank you,
Dean F.

I am the lady that you kept seeing with the bad knee and back. It is really helping my sister's knees and she has bad no success with anything else.
Thanx Anita

Hi Brandon,
Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much we love the two EMS machines that we bought from you at the convention in Las Vegas. At the time, I was suffering from tendonitis in my right elbow that was not responding to treatment from the doctors. I decided to try the EMS machine on the elbow injury and was amazed at how I started feeling relief after just one session on the EMS machine. After using the EMS machine on my elbow for a week, the pain was completely gone. Please send me the info. on the convention in Anaheim that you will be attending in August as we have two friends who want to buy EMS machines from you.
Thanks again for all your help on how to use the EMS machines and how to relieve pain the natural way.
Take care,
Jon C.
Porter Ranch, Ca.

I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the EMS System. I'm not sure if you will remember me, but I was in an automobile accident last year and have receiving therapy three times a week. (I received whiplash) Since I started using the EMS System I purchased from you, I have reduced my therapy down to one day a week, and soon not at all. Just so you understand the results of the EMS System, I had been receiving therapy for 8 months, and have been using the EMS System for 2 1/2 months. I wish I had met you early on in my recovery period and I would not have needed therapy for so long and saved myself a lot of money, not mentioning the pain and discomfort of not being able to do every day tasks.
Thank You,
Pat J.
Daytona Beach, Fl

"I purchased your EMS unit approximately 3 weeks ago. In this time frame I have reduced my pain medication by over 40% and that was with the use of just 2 electrodes. Now that I am being upgraded to using 4 electrodes, I know the results will be greater. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering with "Fibromyalgia" and seeking a natural alternative to pain pills. Being a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and living in constant pain for almost 1 year, the EMS has been the first real alternative to taking prescription pain pills and being in a fog most of the time. I have found the use of the EMS to be extremely simple. When i dress in the morning for work, I attach the electrodes to the painful area and operate the unit on a "need" basis. When I called your office after receiving the unit I did have questions. Brandon was so sweet and more than helpful. He made sure I understood the workings and functions of the EMS before concluding the telephone conversation. I can honestly say this gentlemen is compassionate, caring and an asset to any patient in need of this equipment.
Thank you,
Sue Ann
the Villages, Florida

"Many thanks, the EMS unit is worth its' weight in gold. I have been using it with the leg weight for about 45 minutes a day and show signs of bring the thigh muscle back to life. I wish you the best for the holiday's. "

"I have to tell you that I am very impressed with it. My Physio Therapist also likes the product. I promised that I would provide your information from the internet to them for their review for purchase of future product needs. I hope this is acceptable to you."
Phoenix, Arizona

"I hurt my back in a dune buggy accident several weeks ago and have been suffering a lot of low back pain since. I had to work in a home show in Phoenix this past weekend and one of your reps lent me your HT326L machine the first day of the show. What an amazing machine! My father and I have used EMS (about a $4000 machine) in our practice for years. But I must say I was very impressed with this machine. Great power and frequency range, easy to operate and very convenient. I must have used it a couple dozen times thru the weekend and wound up buying one for myself. You have a great product that I will recommend to anyone, anytime! Thanks so much!!!
Dr. Ron Bissland
Phoenix, Arizona

There I was, schlepping a huge back pack around the CES exhibition. My colleague, Dan
Coolidge, an engineer, programmer and attorney was alongside. It was mid-afternoon and we were
beat. My neck was killing me and Dan's lower back was in spasm when we stumbled across a booth displaying a banner "Healthy BACS.com." We saw some open chairs and figured we'd sit
down. Brandon Brierly came over and introduced himself. He explained that Transcutaneous
Electrical Nerve Stimulations (TENS) is a safe, non-invasive, drug-free method of pain management. It relieves pain by sending small electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin to underlying nerve fibers. TENS works by two different mechanisms. First, electrical
stimulation of the nerve fibers can block a pain signal from being carried to the brain. If the signal is
blocked, pain is not perceived. Secondly, the body has its own mechanism for suppressing pain. It
does this by releasing natural chemicals called endorphins in the brain which act as analgesics.
After about 20 minutes Dan and I turned off the devices and got up to leave. The pain was gone!
The device isn't cheap - it has a retail price of $395. BUT THE PAIN RELIEF WAS REAL!. We waited about an hour before returning and negotiated a favorable deal for each of us to purchase a unit. I'm not going to tell you that this device works for everyone or every situation, but it definitely helped me!

What our clients have to say...

I saw your booth at the in Columbus last month. I stopped in and asked if your device could help Plantar Fascitus. After "hooking" me up for 15 minutes, I felt dramatic relief! Needless to say, I purchased a unit. I am happy to say that after just two weeks of stimulation, I am 90% cured! My quality of life has improved tremendously! Thank you so much!
Columbus, OH

Got one of your machines at the Sportsmen Show in Harrisburg PA last week from Fran. Love it. I have NO cushioning in my left knee and am awaiting knee replacement surgery. Using the machine 2 - 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes makes the pain tolerable and my gait almost normal instead of the "Grandpa McCoy/Walter Brennan" gait that I had become to take on as my own personal strut. Thanks again for all the relief I have gotten and the return of a normal gait. By the way, I am a nurse in a physical rehab unit and have seen the results previously on back injuries but never thought to use it for my knee. What an awakening!
Big Flats, NY

Hi Brandon;
I bought an EMS from you at the World of Concrete in Vegas last month.
The unit was a life saver while in Vegas and since back home.
Joe H
Invermere, B.C.

This muscle stimulator has been an incredible blessing. I initially purchased the unit because of the immediate relief that was provided to an injured shoulder after a single 15-minute session. I was able to lift my arm with minimal pain for the first time in weeks. I continued to use the unit to manage pain throughout the healing process. The unit once again became indispensable for pain management following a recent car injury. I was hit as a pedestrian by a car that resulted in two bulging discs in my lower back. I was still in the process of healing when I left for an already scheduled trip to Africa for two months. The small, light-weight unit was perfect for international travel. The fact that it runs on simple batteries was also helpful because electricity access was extremely limited. I found tremendous relief for the long airline flight by simply wearing the unit while on the plane. I never would have been able to tolerate the terrible road conditions and long hours of ministry without occasional therapy sessions with the muscle stimulator unit. I give thanks to God for the blessing this unit has been!
Pastor Joy Kursman
Mebane, North Carolina

Comments=Hi BRANDON, I met you at the CES convention and spent quite a bit of time with you. In fact, you told me that I had 2 ribs out of place (which I had checked out and you were correct). Thank you. This has made an amazing difference for me, and I would like to purchase another one for my mother. My invoice # was on 1/10/07. At the time I ordered you asked me to email you with my feedback - so here I am. Again, thank you for making my life better.

Hi Brandon,
Hope you're having a good winter. In case you don't remember me, I had the booth across from you at the Sullivan show in Anchorage (Copper River Fleece outdoor clothing). I bought a TENS unit from you and I love it - I've gotten rid of more headaches than I can count! I've been so happy with it I can't even tell you. (I don't even use Aleve anymore! And I use to take one almost every day for chronic headaches)
Thanks very much and hope the new year is treating you well! Thanks much,
Anchorage, AK

This is Isabel , you and I spoke during the holidays. I called when you were out to dinner and you answered the cell phone. I told you that I needed new leads to the machine because one of mine was failing. You asked me if I had tried it with different pads, and I had. I love your machine! I have it on 24/7. It has been a god-send for my frozen shoulder.
Acton, CA

i recently bought a EMS unit from you, The unit is wonderful!! It has relieved a lot of pain. JoAnn
Wailuku, Hawaii

I purchased a EMS from you in Vegas. You said to e-mail you to get additional information on how to use the roller and pen and information on the machine itself. I used it on my shoulder for two days at 15 minutes and my shoulder feels 80% already. I’ve been suffering with shoulder pain for over a year that a chiropractor has yet to fix.
Columbia, MO

We meet at the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas. I purchased your Demo Model on the Sunday afternoon.I have used it for the last couple days and I am VERY impressed with the results. It is extremely rare that I would purchase a "gadget" like this, as I am very skeptical. But when you hooked me up after I had been walking around the worlds largest trade show (CES) for 4 days, I was willing to try anything to relieve my sore and hurting muscles, I couldn't believe the relief I felt in just 20 minutes. Thanks so much, I talk about it to everyone!
All the best,
Steve - CEO

Dear Brandon:
Hello. I bought the electrical muscle stimulator, model #HT 326L, at the Expo on March 2nd. I had mentioned my severe scoliosis, and you asked if I would write you my testimony.
I routinely go to the chiropractor due to severe scoliosis. My curves are 68 degrees thoracic and 63 degrees lumbar. My x-rays look like I belong in a circus. I took my x-rays to one of my son’s health classes at school, gave a lecture, and the kids and teacher said they enjoyed hearing about the condition. Last year I could only go to the chiropractor twice a week for 10 weeks because my insurance only covers 20 “physical therapy” visits a year. EMS is the only thing that chiropractor did (no manual adjustments or anything else, only 10 min of EMS per visit). I paid a $15 co-pay for each visit, for a total of $300 for 10 weeks, and couldn’t afford to go after those 10 weeks because it would be full-price since my insurance maxed out. My back always aches due to the severe curves, and so this brief period of time didn’t do much to help.
Therefore, I was very excited to see this home electrical muscle stimulator kit at the expo. I tried it, and it was just as strong as the chiropractor’s EMS, and I only went up to #10 out of #15 on the intensity settings. Now I can use it as often as I want, for 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes, and it is guaranteed for two years. For me, it pays for itself after only a few months. I had scoliosis spinal fusion scheduled at the Cleveland Clinic a few years ago. I became unexpectedly pregnant and had to cancel the surgery. I still can’t have the surgery for over two more years since I have to wait two years after weaning to have the surgery, and she’s not weaned yet. So this will help tremendously with my back pain in the three years I will have to wait for the surgery. However, if my back pain lessens, I may even decide not to have the surgery at all and simply live with my condition while treating the pain.

I would like to let you know how pleased we are with the purchase of our home care electrostimulator. We purchased this devise about 3 weeks ago when you were demoing it at the Puyallup fair. Since then I probably use it at least 3 times a week. Over the years I have had 2 neck surgeries. These surgeries definitely took away my constant pain. And through physical therapy and weekly massages I was able to keep my neck muscles loose and continue to improve the health to my neck. However, it has been a few years since my surgeries and physical therapy. Our insurance prices have risen and it is no longer feasible for me to get the massages and continue with the physical therapist. Recently, I joined a gym and have begun to work out again on a regular basis in hopes of over all better fitness and in regaining back my lost neck mobility. While I was getting stronger, my neck still ached because it's always so stiff feeling. However, as I mentioned earlier I simply cannot afford the time or money for the massages that I'm sure would help break up the scar tissue that has formed over the years.
Here's the neat thing. Since using the electro-stimulator, my neck mobility has increased and my neck stiffness has decreased. It was a pricey item, but not as much as the cost for on-going massages and I can do this all at home when the time is convenient. I have been telling my friends about this product and just can't thank you enough. It's such a relief to have a product that's easy to use and really works.Thank you so much for all your help.
Gina R.

I purchased the home care stimulator at the Tanana valley state fair in fairbanks, alaska. I have had two lower back surgeries in the last ten years. I've used lots of heating pads, ointments, ice packs and use ibuprofen like m&m's. I go to work with chronic pain and experience muscle spasms and sharp pain all the time. I used the stimulator after getting home from the fair and experienced an immediate result. My lower back muscles relaxed and the muscles in my right leg eased up too. I've used the ems machine almost every night and I have absolute results. I have used very little ibuprofen compared to the enormous amounts I previously was using. My wife and I have used it to reduce and eliminate headaches. I truly wish that I had this health care stimulator years ago, the results have been really worth the money. Thank You,
Roger and Tracy Loitz

Hi Brandon,
I went to the Sportsman Show a couple of weeks ago. I already knew where I wanted to go when I arrived at the show and had no intention of allowing any salesman to distract me. I basically ignored your pitch and kept walking until you said the magic words ... "neck pain". My neck had been bothering me for the past several days and it was bad enough on this day that I could not turn my head more than a couple degrees to the left so I turned on a dime and came right in to see what you could do.
After less than 10 minutes I was able to turn my head both directions with minimal discomfort. I was so impressed that I bought two units. With each unit you included a "mini" unit, roller, pen type attachment and extra pads along with some very informative literature.
By the time I left the show that day my neck was starting to get a little stiff. As soon as I got to my car I opened up the mini unit and put it on my neck. Once again my neck loosened up and felt great. I carried the mini in my shirt pocket when I went to work and used it whenever my neck tightened up. That weekend I took the second unit over to give to my parents. My dad has suffered with back and neck problems for many years but after 15 or so minutes he was feeling remarkable better. Next he tried the "pen" on his hand and significantly reduced the pain he felt in his thumb joint. My mom had been having knee pain which disappeared completely after only two treatments.
Me ? Well I am addicted. I've worn out the pad on the mini such that it won't stick anymore and between my wife, daughters and myself we need to get more pads for the other unit. I'll be giving you a call !!!
many thanks for stopping me that day,
Kennedyville, MD

"I have used these machines for years on hundreds of patients, with all kinds of problems. These machine are fantastic!"
-Dr. C. Nielson

I bought the EMS unit from you at the Harrisburg show primarily to relieve the pain in my bow arm shoulder from shooting too much. It has done the job on the shoulder and also given me a lot of relief from the pain in my hands & wrist. Great little unit. I carry it with me and use it during my lunch break and on the way home.
It’s a very convenient and easy to use package.

Hi Brandon

We received the unit Saturday and put it right to use! My husband has been using it twice a day on his tennis elbow and has been showing progress!I know it was last minute when Ron talked to you and appreciate getting the unit out so
quickly!! Hopefully, with all the information, we can take full advantage of the unit!!
The Strobachs

Hi Brandon, we met in Oklahoma City in September. You ask if I would email you after a few days to let you know if my tennis elbow pain had gotten better. You said it would take three days to relieve all the pain which was true but I could
tell after the first day it was much better. After three days it was completely gone except for a little tenderness (not Pain) in
or around the elbow, but after a couple more days it was not there anymore. I am now using it on my rotator cuff occasionally to help in that area. Thank you for the ability to relieve pain without drugs, I am allergic to most of the ones they have
prescribed in the past.
Thanks again,
H L Manning

Hi Brandon I met you in Haines AK and bought the
machine it has really helped my feet I have RA and
diabetes and I have gotten feeling back in my feet and
has helped with pain.
Thank You !!!
Marie B.
Pleasant Grove,UT

Hi Brandon,
We are really enjoying the EMS machine and seeing the benefits it is giving.I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for over 10 years and this machine has really helped relieve a great deal of the pain and discomfort throughout my entire body. I simply apply it on the sore muscle and in about 20 minutes I start to get relief.My husband who has suffered with chronic back pain is also using it and it has helped him as well.We are very pleased with this machine and will tell our family and friends that can benefit from it to give you a call.
Many thanks,
Puyallup, WA

"I did receive my tens unit on that Wed and was very impressed with the service and the unit. I took it to the physical therapist on thursday and even he was impressed, so thanks for all the trouble as it will get used for my low back pain management!"
Seattle, Washington

I wanted to let you know your gift arrived Wednesday as we were preparing to leave for Thanksgiving. I am grateful for your kindness and thoughtfulness.
The machine you sent, is indeed, similar to one used in my physical therapy. I will be glad to use the machine and know how it helps.Thank you very much for you generosity,
JoAnn M.

I purchased the EMS system at a Home show in Anchorage, Alaska, and am satisified with the machine and its functions. I do want to say that I have found the product to be very beneficial for my chronic lower back pain. I have received relief in this area, and keep working toward relief with my carpal tunnel. I find the massage so relaxing, that I fall asleep almost every time I am using in on my neck or back. This was a good purchase for me and when talking about it at work I found out that 2 co-workers also own one of these products.Great machine, now I am ready to use the other features. Thank you
Marilyn, Anchorage Alaska

I purchased my stimulator at the recent 2009 Westec show! I loved the helpful demonstrators that were available to explain the machine and its healing benefits to me...also after the show, when I called to get advice on how to program my machine for the massage setting!
I have several women that work in my office and they take turns during the day using the machine on tendonitis and carpal tunnel. I use it every day for my shoulder pain and at night for my lower back issues.
My kids use it for their knees and my husband for his shoulder, elbow
and back...THANK YOU ... we love our new machine!
Lisa - MachineTools.com, Inc.

I bought one of your EMS Machines (HT326L0) and I love it. I wear it several days a week while I work at my desk. I love the way it feels, and I can tell it's also toning my muscles through constant activation. I highly recommend!
Jake, MD

At the Mid America Truck Show my husband and I visited your booth and tried your machine with skepticism. Much to my surprise my husband was impressed with it. He wanted one but was afraid that we could not afford it. But he had be experiencing so much pain in his neck and it gave him relief so I could not see leaving without one.
For the next few days we had it on almost continuously just to find some relief for the pain he was experiencing. He returned to work and left without it. He came home a day later in excruciating pain. He asked to go to the hospital. That trip to the hospital revealed the basis for his pain; bulging disks between C5/C6 and C6/C7. It has been a long process to see the specialist and he had his first injection on Friday (which caused unbearable pain). He has taken Vicoden, Darvacet, Tramadol, and Percocet so much at time that it was making him sick. What has made this experience more bearable, not the drugs, they have little effect on it, the tens machine that he questioned if we should buy it.
I am so glad that we bought it that day at the truck show even though he questioned it. I have not been able to make him even close to comfortable any other way. Thank you for this great product. Thank You
Candy V. Anna, OH

I am loving the EMS machine that I bought from you in Vegas. I use it everyday to help relieve stress and treat painful injuries. I’ve recommended it to many people.

Andrea, the unit is fantastic and really helps my wife a lot. Well worth the money!
Thanks, David Cattuzzo

Wow! I used your Electronic Muscle Stimulator on my back during a long flight. I normally arrive at my destination sore and ready for a massage. This time thanks to my new EMS unit, my back not only felt fine, it was ready for physical activity. I was so pleased with the results I tried it again after a day of SCUBA diving. My back becomes very tired and achy carrying around such a heavy load, after using my EMS unit I was ready for more. I am never going on a trip again without my EMS unit. I feel this is going to be a great way to alleviate so many of my aches and pains.
Thank you for making this available to the public!
Liz G. Rockwall, TX

I bought at the ICSC and love it saved the show.
Chip P. Philedelphia, PA
C.S.P. Realty Corp.

Thank you for being at the convention in Vegas in May! I would have never found about your great machine if you had not been there. It is easy to use after your explanation at the show and YES it really works. I have gotten much relief from my pain by using it.
Jennie B. Austin, Texas

We purchased an EMS from you in Vegas at the Truck Show. Bob thinks his knees are better already; I am experimenting with different settings today. I am hoping for help with diabetes control and general overall health.
Marianna Graves

Dear Brandon,
I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Personal Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Machine I purchased from you about 6 years ago, at the Quilt Convention in Kansas City.

I am a quilter and when I head to my sewing room, I end up sitting at the sewing machine for hours. Between the sewing, standing at the cutting table and the ironing board, my back is usually killing me and I finally have to give it up for the evening. That is when I head to the living room and get the EMS. After 20 minutes of using it, the tension and soreness in my back is gone. I am not sure what I would do without it. It works wonders.

Not only do I use this machine after sewing for hours, I use it when I travel, usually on Shop Hops to Quilt Stores. I have book a Shop Hop at the end of September that is 3 days and 5 states and 10 quilt shops on a bus. The EMS will be packed in my carry on bag, because I know how bad my back hurts after buying lots of fabric and carrying it around.
I have recommended the EMS to lots of my quilting friends. Several months ago I was at a quilter’s convention and show and you had a booth there. Some man was looking at the machine and talking to the rep. He was trying to decide if he wanted to get this wife who quilted one. While he was looking at it, the Rep asked me if I would like to try one. I told him that I already had one and how well I liked it. The man asked me several questions and ended up purchasing one for his wife.I would recommend this to anyone.
Karen B. Butler, MO

It has been nearly a month since we purchased the EMS from you in Alaska. I have delayed writing to you until we were certain that my wife was using the system correctly and the results were consistent. The results have been a dramatic improvement in controlling the pain in her shoulder and neck. The pain is relieved sooner and lasts longer than when she used the EMS treatment by the RHYTHM TOUCH machine she had been using the previous year. Depending on her activity the pain is relieved in the first 10 to 15 minutes of treatment but by using the stimulator for 60-90 minutes she only needs to treat the pain every 3-5 days. Thank you for spending the time to demonstrate the added value of TENS provided by your product and making it possible for us to purchase it. We are looking foward to a happier less painful life in the future.
Larry and Evelyn

Hello Andrea,
I met you at the State of Alaska Fair in Palmer and purchased both the full size electric muscle stimulator and mini version. I have been using it often for knee pain and have been very pleased with the results.
Mike S. Kenai, AK

Hi Brandon and Andrea
Just want to thank you for the friendliness you showed and for the exchange of our prickly Rhythm Touch machine to the nice smooth working one you have. The change-over was so worth it. I use it alot now, am looking forward to its toning benefits and it sure helps with easing muscle soreness. Thank you so much.
Jane Werner Fairbanks, AK

Well, I bought my unit from you on Wed. the 2nd and am so very happy with my knee pain being relieved that I am already sending referrals your way. It's a shame more people are not aware of the availability of these marvelous little tens machines. I'm so glad we found you at the state fair.
Barbara Robertson
Anchorage, AK 99517

Thanks for coming to the SE State Fair,My wife saw your booth while you were in Haines, and waited for me to get off work to tell me we should go down and check it out. A half hour test run on my back was all it took to make a believer out of me,and we bought one of the units being offered at a fair special. What a deal.... we use it just about every day on everything from pain resulting from old accident injuries, to osteoarthritis joint pains.
We have not found anything that it doesn't work on. I came home with a splitting headache the other day that was bad enough that I felt too ill to eat supper. My wife put the patches on my neck and shoulders, and much to my amazement, my headache was gone in about an hour to the point that I ate like a horse. We have fallen in love with our EMS and have not been to the chiro since buying it. Thanks again,
Roc & Diann - Haines, AK

I purchased my Tens unit at a trade show from Fran after trying it out for about 20 minutes. I suffer from fibromyalgia which involves chronic widespread muscle pain, and was looking for effective, drug fee pain relief. I have definitely found it. I use my unit frequently and have noticed a marked difference in my level of pain. I highly recommend the unit for anyone suffering from any type of pain.
Phyllis C. New Mexico

I bought the EMS at the Ironman competition in Kona Hawaii 1 month before my knee surgery. I used it before surgery to tone the muscles around the knee that was weakened. The unit provided convienience and power to relax muscle tension and tone the weakened ones. It relieved the pain in a simple 30 minute session. So, 2 days after surgery, I could remove the surgical wrapping and get the EMS unit on the quad muscles which was really sore. I did 1 30 minute session and iced my knee at the same time. I could fully straighten my knee without the quad pain that was there before I used the EMS unit. I am so glad for this easy to use unit and know that I will get back to work and exercise with minimal pain. Terri Arden - Yarmouth, Maine

Hi, we met in Hawaii. Peter & I purchased one of your EMS machines and as promised I am emailing you to let you know that we love the machine. I have chronic neck pain that it seems to be helping. Right now I am enjoying it on just about everything as I am training for the Philadelphia Marathon in a couple of weeks.I have been spreading the word amongst my friends. Hopefully I will send business your way. My daughter is also very athletic and is enjoying the massage feature.
Gale Wood Ajax, On

I met this company after a full day walking around the Sema Show in Las Vegas. Pain is the word I describe how my legs felt. I have Hoshimoto Thyroid and one of my symptoms is a compromised lymphatic system. We put the pads on one leg even though they were both in a bad way. There was a big difference after just fifteen minutes of treatments on that one leg. My husband didn't buy the unit until he was able to try it for him self. We put the pads on the bottom of both feet and that there sold him on the equipment. We feel like we did get what we paid for. If you have doubts try it on your problem spots and see for yourself.
Loni Lund, PHOENIX, AZ

Just wanted to let you know the since using the tens machine we bought at the fair ground in Fairbanks my husband has had a big improvement with the numbness in his hand and also the pain in his back. I also use it for my back it helps. Thank You
Judy Benefield FAIRBANKS, AK

Brandon & Andrea,
Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but the EMS HT326L I purchased from you at the Anchorage Home Show at the Sullivan Sports Arena back in September, is awesome. My back was really bothering me when I saw you at the show. The trial had immediate results, my back felt much better when I left. When I got home that night I put in use again for about an hour, the next night too. After only two sessions, my back pain was completely gone, it is an amazing product, I would recommend it to anyone, thanks again.
Steve Owen, Anchorage Alaska

I purchased one of your E-stim machines at the IBS in Las Vegas and you gave me a free Mini-E-Stim. I have been very impressed with the mini and lots of times I choose to use it over the regular machine just because it is so quick and easy to use.
Thanks, Brent
B & B Builders Inc

Hi There,
I thought I would drop a line to tell you how much I love my new Mini Wireless Digital TENS Unit (Model HT-329L1-L4) that I purchased at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas. I have taken the Mini with me in my purse and have used it just about anywhere. I never leave home without it. The convenience of no wires is great. Everyone at work loves it and wishes they had one.
R Johnson
Tamaqua, PA 18252

We purchased the EMS machine from you at the International Builders Show in Las Vagas Jan 20,2010. Just letting you know that it is working great and we have been using it almost everyday. thanks!
Bob Roehlk

Hi Brandon & Andrea!
I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the hand held EMS electrical muscle stimulator at the International Builder Show in Las Vegas last month.I had been paying for a Sports Chiropractor to give me a very similar treatment from a large fixed unit. But since purchasing your small portable unit, I find it to be just as effective and I can use it anywhere, anytime. I have used it for both shoulders' torn rotators and for my lower back and Sciatic Nerve. The muscle stimulation really helps. I have taken no pain relief medication since I began using the EMS.

I will continue to spread news of the good results I have experienced to my friends. Thanks again
Colorado Springs, Co.

Brandon & Andrea,
We purchased our EMS at the Professional Photographers of America’s Imaging USA 2010 Conference in Nashville. Our EMS machine really helps with the muscle spasms and pains that used to result in almost chronic pain. With our EMS we no longer have chronic pain. We find that the EMS machine offers relief. We love our EMS machine! Thank you!
Wayne & Madonna Repeta
New Hampshire

Good morning,
My friend and I, Luis Arango and Robert C. Morgan where just at the builders show in Las Vegas and we both purchased the EMS HT326l products after doing a 9 minute demo. My question is, my wife is in love wife having no back or feet pain and wants one of her on. Is there any way I can buy another one at the show price since now this will be three we basically would have bought from our company? I am sure I will have others to follow (my parents and grandfather once I see them and they try mine). This little machine has to be the best purchase I have made in a long time. No back pain for days at a time is amazing and then one quick 20 minute session while walking the house with it on and I am good to go for days again. Thank you for the relief.
Robert C. Morgan

WE PURCHASED A EMS HT326L MACHINE AT THE SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas. We love the machine and use it several times a week.This machine was a great investment.
Roberta Boothby
Cherokee, Iowa

I purchased your product at the Imaging USA Photographers convention in Nashville a few weeks ago.I love the product. I sit all day at a computer and get the biggest knots in my neck. It has been better since I started. Thank you very much for your time.
Elaine Tekippe

I purchased one of your electric stim kits at Imaging USA in Nashville, TN. I tried it out in the hotel room the night I got it and it was pretty cool. Then today I tweaked my back so I thought I would give it a try for something specific. It really did the trick.
Glad I stopped by your booth.
Bill Gommel
The Picture Man, Inc.
Certified Professional Photographer
Naperville, IL 60540

Hi Guys,
I purchased the EMS unit from you guys at the Imaging USA trade show. I love this unit!! I not only use it everyday…. I try to get my friends and family to test it out too so that they can see how wonderful it is. Thanks again!!!
Dara A. Dangler
Adairsville, GA

I really have enjoyed the Ultimate Home Therapy Device. I came home with it and have used it alot. I asked my hubby to try it and he did but didn't think it would work for him. So I have it and enjoy it like crazy. He was out working on the Fence and was hurting really bad. Came in took a shower and brought me the Therapy Device and asked me to please put it on his back. He wore it for the time it was sent for and felt a bit better afterwards. We both use it now and I seem to use it the most. My son and I was at the State Fair in Palmer to see everyone and Joey and I got home and he had me put it on his lower back and he felt better afterwards as well. I will enjoy my machine for a long time. Thank you so much for showing me and selling me my Machine. I will take it with me where ever I go. I even wear it while I am at work doing my job. :) Can't wait to see ya all next year. Have a great day. :)
Arinda Lacount Fairbanks AK

My wife and I took time to listen to your sales demonstration at the PPA convention in Nashvillle, TN last month...and I'm certainly glad we did. I have severe arthritis in both of my ankles from a motorcycle accident back in 1977. I have a difficult time walking when I've been on my feet for any length of time, and when weather patterns change. There are times when I hurt so bad I can't function properly - I can't think in other words. Chronic pain is as tough on you mentally as it is physically, and I have learned over the years to deal with t as best I can, but nothing has brought much relief when things get tough. Your EMS unit has changed things for me. It can't actually "fix" my problem, but it goes a long way in making life more bearable. I have never had anything (even drugs, which I don't appreciate for any length of time due to the 'side effects') that has given me the relief that your EMS unit has. Many thanks and may God continue to bless you as you extend blessings to others.
Jim Wyant M. Photogr., Cr.
Zionsville, IN 46077

Brandon, & Andrea,
What a great purchase I made when I bought your EMS machine. I have struggled with TMJ and neck pains for years but after just one treatment my right jaw stopped
"clicking". Just remarkable. I also have my wife using for her lower back pain and I am having a struggle getting it back from her to use on me. I highly recommend your machine. Thanks again.
John Pierret, Dallas TX




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